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Basic House Cleaning Techniques

Are you cleaning your house systematically or are you just randomly doing things to get by? With a few proper house cleaning systems in place you can have a clean house without taking up a lot of time out of your busy life.

One thing that you want to do is set up a basic maintenance schedule to make your home clean and sanitary on a regular basis. Many people have tons of different cleaning products they use to clean with. If you can narrow this down to two or three things you have already saved money, time and cleared up some clutter.

Get yourself some spray bottles that you can buy at any store. By making your own cleaning chemicals you can stretch your dollar farther. First you will want a good general purpose cleaner with disinfectant. You will use this for kitchen, bathrooms,sinks,toilets etc. Second you will want a good window cleaning solution for windows,mirrors and glass in your home. Also you will want something that you can use in the bathrooms showers,toilets,porcelain sinks. A good creme cleanser will do the trick. It will not scratch yet is effective enough to do the job.

Now store each of the three in these areas. Kitchen, bathroom(s). By having your products in each of these areas you are not bouncing from place to place looking for what you will need.Plus you are saving time. For dusting and wiping I recommend a lambs wool duster and microfiber towels. You will also benefit by having a microfiber mob handle, bucket Any kind and microfiber mob heads. You can find these almost anywhere Home Depot,Lowes,Ace,Hardware Store.

Now that you have the basic tools set a day that is reasonable for your schedule. Once a week or twice a month. Whatever works for you. Obviously more if you have more people living in your household. When doing a clean you want to start from the top and work your way down--meaning high shelving,to tables,to floors. Dusting and cleaning will stir up a lot of dirt and if you start from the top it will gradually settle on the bottom(floors).

When cleaning it helps to have a system. Start from one room and move to the next in a cirlce so that nothing is missed and when you get back to the beginning you know that portion is complete. Everyone's systems will be different. Some people like to get the bathrooms done, then kitchen, then dusting,then floors. How you do it is up to you as long as you have a system. That is all basic cleaning and maintenance is-systems.

Also please be sure to where gloves even in your own home. Disposable gloves work the best and for a small price you can get a box with about 100 gloves in them. Your not only dealing with germs that you can't see but you are dealing with chemicals that can harm your health. Even the green cleaning chemicals. Be safe.

Another way to decrease your cleaning day is by upkeep. For example in the morning you shave, brush your teeth, or whatever you do to get ready in the bathroom. Your cleaners and towels are already under the sink or where ever you store them in the bathroom. When you are finished it would take less than 30 seconds to spray the counter/sink and wipe it down. Keeping it not only clean but sanitized.

A few more things if you have carpet in your home I recommend a vacuum cleaner that has a bag. Bagless cleaners are great but they get clogged often and you are constantly cleaning out the filters. I've used them all.

For you toilets leave a toilet bowl brush in each bathroom. Another way to cut your cleaning time down. You can get brushes that come with a nice holder.

In the early mornings and late evenings are the best time to open windows. Theres no better air freshener than Mother Nature, and if you live on or near a busy road/street traffic is at a minimum. Not to mention there are more harmful fumes in your home than there are outside.

Well, I hope some of this has helped. Happy cleaning!

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Marty Funston, MF Products & Services
6220 Shady Brook Drive
Central Point, OR 97502

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